SOCHEF Barbecue Golosone 3

SOCHEF Barbecue Golosone 3

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These gas BBQs represent the essence of Sochef brand products, durable over time thanks to the imposing structure with the stainless steel lid. The power of the burners allow to reach very high temperatures without any heat dispersion. Perfect for foods with different textures, it will be possible to grill both using the lava stone and the burners covered by the anti-flame diffusers used for cooking the Australian method, for cooking in complete safety, thanks to the “V” grids that will drain even earlier fats, for healthy cooking.

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Data sheet

Lava stone or Australian cooking
· Power 15 kW,
· 3 stainless steel burners (12 kW)
· Side burner (3 kW)
· Cooking area 63.6×43.8 cm
· 2 enamelled iron grids
· 1 cast iron plate
· Side shelf
Stainless steel lid and dashboard
Temperature indicator
Covered cylinder compartment
Pantry with doors