NEDIS CLAR004BK Digital Alarm Clock Radio

NEDIS CLAR004BK Digital Alarm Clock Radio

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This Nedis® Digital Alarm Clock and Radio is perfect for waking you up gently to the sounds of your favourite radio station.
With 20 pre-set stations available on AM and FM bands – and a handy sleep button – you can take your pick from news, sports, classical, pop, dance or whatever takes your fancy to wake up to or drift off to sleep with.
For those looking to grab a few minutes more sleep on those difficult to get out of bed mornings, the snooze button lets you do so with confidence,
And for those on a different schedule to their partner, the dual alarm lets you ignore that first wake-up call completely.
The 1.8″ LED display is easy to read – even with the bleariest of morning eyes or in the darkest of night – and you can charge your phone through this alarm clock as you sleep.

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