Easter EGG Hunt

The Tronikx Easter Egg Hunt

We have launched the Tronikx Easter Egg Hunt in order to give all home users the accessibility and opportunity to browse our website, discover new product’s and get a chance at receiving a free give-away in the process. Seven Virtual Easter Eggs have been hidden on our website’s products images, the public has been invited to search our website, take a screenshot of the virtual Easter egg and paste the screenshot in the comments section of the Easter Egg Hunt Post.

Terms and Conditions

  • A total of seven virtual Easter Eggs are listed as free giveaways
  • Participants who will get the free giveaway will be chosen at random from the posts in the comments section of the Facebook post
  • Only one virtual Easter egg product per participant may be awarded as a giveaway
  • A total of seven participants will be receiving one of the free giveaways listed below as part of this promotion
  • Giveaways participants will be encouraged to take a photo with the product and share it on their Facebook profile
  • Tronikx C/o EMS Ltd retains the right to stop the giveaway promotion at any point in time